Electrix or Electrix Pro returns with Tweaker. The Electrix Tweaker is a “performance controller for Ableton users, Traktor users, and music producers and performers of all genres.”

Some may not recall the brand Electrix but I remember it well. As a matter of fact I own one of their famed rack mounted filters, the Filter Factory. I believe Electrix gear is among the most sought after pieces of analog outboard / DJ gear from the late 90’s early 2000’s.  I searched fro months to find the Filter Factory and eventually found it on Ebay for much less than $100. I use it all the time for various applications such as sampling from vinyl and running synths through it etc.

Those of us who remember Electrix will also recall that they have been out of business for some time now. This is why their display and booth caught my eye during winter NAMM 2013. A bit of inquiring at the booth unveiled that “Mixware, LLC acquired Electrix in 2010 with a keen understanding of the brand’s original vision and mission, and plans to update and improve upon the ground work that was laid down over a decade ago.” All I’ll say is welcome back Electrix and thanks Mixware for bringing back a quality brand. I’m hopeful that there may be a few fresh rehashes and new additions to the line up.

Electrix gear has always been made like a tank. Although their primary target was the DJ I’ve found that loads of producers and beatmakers alike have coveted their products. The fact is, the Electrix Tweaker is no exception. This deck is well built. It looks and feels like it can take a bumping around on the road and still perform without a hitch. Not one to be half cocked, Electrix made sure to create a perfect soft shell road case for it as well.

Peep our demo video from winter NAMM 2013 below.

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