The Drum Broker ( put together a fresh and hefty set of rare breaks with this Minty Breaks kit. It’s a dirty set of breaks that you can literally hear and feel the vinyl. The air, the grit and the static is all there but nothing is more present than these rare unheard breaks. These drum breaks aren’t your usual drum breaks. I’d be willing to bet you don’t have these in your stash unless you’ve already copped Minty Breaks.

There are 88 unprocessed and raw breaks including percussion breaks. I plan to dig into this one regularly for that old vinyl boom-bap sound that we all know and love. The difference will be that it wont be the same ole same.

Break Beats so fresh we had to call em Minty! Minty Breaks is a collection of 88 rare break beats collected and assembled for your chopping and looping pleasure. Our digging team got their fingers dusty so you don’t have to!

Don’t sleep on these breaks, this is one of our finest collections yet!

Minty Breaks features:

  • 88 Rare gems from the crates
  • Dirty Break Beats & Percussive Loops
  • Sampled Raw & Ready for Processing

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