The good folks at always keeps a finger on the pulse of what the MPC heads want and need. In classic fashion, they are all set to introduce the world of MPC fan-boys to the brand new custom mpc shop,

What is this you might ask? CustomMPC ( is a division of They have been dealing with MPCs for over 10 years. CustomMPC specializes in the sales of new and used customized Akai units. This is turning it up a notch on us.

Here’s how it works… Step 1. Choose your base model. Step 2. Select your custom modification. Step 3. CustomMPC builds your unit! That’s it in a nutshell.

They will allow you to customize MPCs, MPDs and MPKs. There is a wide variety of skin colors for the unti itself as well as pad colors. The pads are available in normal or Thick Pads & Corx combo.

And yes, best of all you can even customize the new line of MPCs. This is huge. I’m glad to see a site like Afterall, the MPC is hip hop’s electric guitar. We all know guitarists have been customizing their guitars for ages. It’s time we join the party.

Good work I’m looking forward to patronizing your business.

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