Korg Adds the Volca Mix to Popular Volca Series

Melville, NY – January 18th, 2018 – Korg has just announced the new Volca Mix; a four-channel analogue performance mixer for the growing Volca line. Equipped with two mono and two stereo input channels (including Aux in), low/high-cut filter per-channel and an analogue stereo expander and compression (including sidechain), this new mixer will take performances to a new level, while retaining the compact, portable footprint and affordable price point of Korg’s Volca line.

In addition to the four channel mixer, the new Volca is equipped with master effects powered by an allanalogue circuitry. New to the line is a specialized sync out jack that acts as a master clock, allowing the user to connect the Volca mix to a variety of Korg gear, thus creating the ability to simultaneously start and stop sequences on multiple synch units.

“Volca Mix has been something that our fans have been asking about for a long time,”

says Nick Kwas, lead Product Specialist at Korg USA.

“We wanted to make sure that when we created it, it hit all of the key features that users would expect in a performance mixer for the Volca series. Korg succeeded in doing just that and I think consumers are going to respond exceptionally well,”

Kwas concludes.

Volca mix adheres to the internal footprint and is the same size of its predecessors, making it an ideal piece to complete any Volca rig. The new addition also allows for connection to more than just Korg’s Volca line, allowing users to mix and match all sorts of gear with their Volcas, a first in Korg’s line of analogue products.

The Volca Mix will make its debut at the WNAMM 2018 show at the Korg USA booth; #8802 Hall B, with exclusive demonstrations planned throughout the show. The Volca Mix will be available in January 2018 for $169.99. For more information, visit www.Korg.com.

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