Although there is little known in fact about the Elektron Digitakt, the internet is buzzing trying to dig up as much info on the box as possible. Umonox  put together a very comprehensive video on the Elektron Digitakt. Click the image above to see the video.

The video is entitled

umoTalk #01: Elektron Digitakt – Is it the Machine you want?

In the video Umonox discusses the Elektron Digitakt from two scenarios

1. Owns Elektron Machines already
2. Does NOT own Elektron Machines – or even Hardware in general – yet

In his comprehensive scenarios Umo calls out how the Elektron Digitakt might benefit you in conjunction with various other Elektron gear. He also goes over possible benefits and overlaps with non-Elektron gear.

I wont go into it too much here but I figured this video was worth sharing for those anticipating the Elektron Digitakt. The downside (for your wallet) to the video is it may even make you want multiple Elektron boxes with the Digitakt.

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