glen1Glen Darcey joins the BeatPPL podcast panel in this exclusive Q&A session about the all new DrumBrute. In this interview Glen discusses his background with Arturia and Akai.

During his time with Akai Glen brought us a myriad of tools such as the APC 40 and MPC 5000.

Since then Glen has moved on to serve as Arturia’s VP of Product Development. In that role he’s developed and brought to market, among many products, the entire Brute line of synths and keylab controllers.

Arturia’s latest addition to the Brute line of synths is a drum machine that we now know as DrumBrute. In this exclusive interview with Glen Darcey, we dig deep into the weeds of what makes DrumBrute tick. If you have questions about the DrumBrute, Glen will likely answer them here in this interview.

Spoiler alert… Glen Darcey even shows off some exclusive drawings of the DrumBrute in it’s infancy stages from when it was just a good idea. Further into the exclusives, Glen Darcey gives us a peak at the DrumBrute eurorack modular prototypes that they used for testing and proof of concept.

Let’s check out the BeatPPL podcast episode 12 parts 1 & 2 featuring Glen Darcey below.

Part 1

Part 2

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