There has bee a gang of buzz surrounding this new electronic instrument by Synthstrom Audible. It’s called Deluge. More details to come on October 25th when it’s unveiled. Pre-roders start almost immediately after.

Here is what we know about it from Synthstrom Audible’s Facebook page;

This is a landmark moment for the NZ music industry. We are on the eve of unveiling the Deluge, a portable electronic instrument made right here in New Zealand by Rohan Hill of Wellington boutique electronics company, Synthstrom Audible

The Deluge is a revolutionary instrument: a portable, combination synthesizer, sequencer and sampler that does everything you need for the creation and performance of electronic music without the need of a computer.

The Deluge has been designed from the ground up without influence from any other hardware device to present a totally unique, intuitive and simple interface – one that a user can immediately begin creating amazing pieces of music.

So confident are we in the ability for new users to master the Deluge quickly, we are hosting a very unique launch event.

On Oct 22nd at the Golden Dawn, twenty participants from all walks of life in the music industry will perform on the Deluge each for four minutes. Each participant will be given just two hours to watch our tutorial videos and write a song which they must then perform that night at the venue.

Some have never written a song before. Some have never performed live before. None have seen a Deluge before.

deliuge4 deluge3

Deluge by Synthstrom Audible.

  • Piano-roll-style sequencing on 128 full RGB pads (16×8) with scrolling and zooming.
  • Full-featured Internal synthesizer engine (subtractive and FM).
  • Plays samples from SD card (up to 32GB SDHC).
  • Sequencing limited only by device RAM (many thousands of notes).
  • Polyphony limited only by CPU. Typically around 48 synth voices or 64 unaffected sample voices may play.
  • 64MB of sample ram – work with up to 12 minutes (if mono) of CD-quality samples at once.
  • Live adjustment of synth and effect parameters with two endless-turn encoders with LED level-meters. Easy buttons to select the functions these control.
  • Advanced syncing capabilities. Weird time signatures supported. Adjustable swing.
  • Dedicated volume and tempo knobs.
  • LFOs and envelopes on each synth / sample. Highly customizable patching matrix.
  • Synthesizer engine features LPF / HPF, arpeggiator, portamento, oscillator sync, ring modulation, unison detune, and more. Four basic waveforms, or select any WAV file from the SD card.
  • FX including delay, reverb, chorus, flanger, phaser, bitcrushing, sidechain effect, live stutter, and more.
  • Keyboard mode, where the pads become a live instrument on a 2d grid.
  • Internal speaker, rechargeable Li-ion battery, and microphone.
  • Mic and line inputs.
  • Two ¼” line outputs, and 3.5mm headphone output.
  • 2x CV outputs. 0 – 10V, individually configurable to 1, 1.2, 0.26 or 0.32 volts per octave, or to hertz per volt.
  • 4x gate / trigger outputs individually configurable to v-trig or s-trig, with shared voltage switchable between 5V and 12V. Trigger clock output configurable, up to 192 PPQN.
  • Trigger clock input, also with adjustable PPQN.
  • MIDI input and output via hardware connectors or USB.
  • Powered via USB or 9 – 12V centre-negative (pedal-style) power supply (500mA) (not included).
  • User-upgradeable firmware – expect updates from Synthstrom Audible.
  • Dimensions: 305mm x 208mm x 46mm (12 x 8.2 x 1.8 inches).
  • And much more.

Synthstrom Audible’s Facebook –


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