Rob Papen announces availability of free PRISMA plug-in to stack software instruments

ECHT, THE NETHERLANDS: having blown musical minds when first being showcased as a beta-test version by namesake company Managing Director Rob Papen at The NAMM Show 2016, January 21-24 in Anaheim, California, virtual instrument and effects plug-in developer Rob Papen Soundware is proud to announce availability of PRISMA, an advanced utility plug-in for Mac (32- and 64-bit, AAX, AU, and VST for Mac OS X 10.6 or higher) and PC (32- and 64-bit VST for Windows Vista, 7, 8, and 10) that allows any Rob Papen product owner to stack (up to four) of their virtual instruments — including instances of the same PLUG-IN or otherwise — as a single so-called ‘prismatic’ sound source, as of June 2…

Who better to make the formal introductions, then, than professional sound designer and progressive product ‘dreamer’ par excellence Rob Papen: “PRISMA provides the Rob Papen ‘sound garden’ with ways of providing terrific tone colours by combining these into a single ‘prismatic’ sound source,” he starts, somewhat poetically. “Powerfully, PRISMA stores those stacked software instruments and all their respective settings as a single preset. Of course, there’s a whole lot more to this than might first meet the eye since users can open each single software instrument individually and easily edit and creatively combine it wonderfully with any other stacked software instruments from Rob Papen to create a whole new range of PRISMA sounds!”

Creating a whole range of PRISMA sounds comes quickly courtesy of its all-new MCP (MULTI CONTROL PAGE) — not shown at NAMM. Now users can quickly control and change the sound of each Layer (corresponding to the PLUG-IN being stacked) using four faders — for instance, changing the Filter Frequency of all four stacked virtual instruments or dynamically changing the Pan (panning) of a single Layer. All are achievable within the MCP that’s as easy on the eye as it is easy to use. Users jumping straight into playing around with PRISMA presets and associated settings within the MCP will be amazed at just how powerful this page can be, producing radical results in a matter of seconds!

Speaking of which, PRISMA presently offers up 345 professionally-programmed presets, including ‘super pads’ suited to film scores and games music, EDM (Electronic Dance Music) lead and stack sounds, and much more besides. But more are always being added — as is the way with Rob Papen, a company that rests its reputation on superlative sound design! Which is precisely what PRISMA is all about, making it a no-brainer for owners of Rob Papen’s varied virtual instruments. Therein lies a question: what happens if a user loads a PRISMA preset that includes a Rob Papen virtual instrument that they do not own? Of course, Rob Papen would not leave them out in the cold; the Layer that should be played by the ‘missing’ virtual instrument simply would not sound, but any other owned Rob Papen virtual instruments used in that PRISMA preset would still be loaded as needed.

Needless to say, PRISMA works wonders for owners of eXplorer-III, The Complete Rob Papen Synth & Effect Collection, combining all of the company’s multi-award-winning Mac- and PC-compatible software instruments — including the relatively recently-released RAW soft synth specialising in ‘distorted’ sounds specifically suited to EDM and beyond — and also all of its critically-acclaimed effects plug-ins into an attractively-priced performance and sound design dream bundle to die for!

Fortunately, no matter how many Rob Papen virtual instruments are already owned, creative combinations within PRISMA are almost limitless. Let’s try picturing a PRISMA preset with a pad from BLUE-II — cleverly combining FM (Frequency Modulation) and subtractive synthesis with Phase Distortion and wave-shaping synthesis to create self-styled ‘Crossfusion Synthesis’ — together with an arpeggiated sound, say, from Predator — ‘phat’ analogue-sounding soft synth with killer presets and first-class features — combined with a cutting-edge sound from Blade — representing the cutting-edge of soft synth development — and adding a groove from Punch… picture perfect! PRISMA also has four top-quality FX on board, allowing users to bypass the individual virtual instruments’ inbuilt effects to save on computer resources, ready for building those picture perfect PRISMA sounds!

Still better, PRISMA is available for any Rob Papen user to download for free! Simply stack any already-owned Rob Papen virtual instruments to use (or create new) PRISMA presets using those virtual instruments at their disposal, even if it’s just a case of combining multiple instances of BLUE-II, Predator, or, indeed, any other Rob Papen product. Either way, welcome to the wonderful-sounding world of PRISMA!

To download PRISMA for free, simply login to your Rob Papen account at, go to My Products and select Get deal #2.

For more in-depth information, please visit the dedicated PRISMA product webpage here:

Watch several Rob Papen PRISMA videos here:

Since it makes sense to own all of Rob Papen’s virtual instruments when using PRISMA, the company currently has a number of discount deals available for upgrading to eXplorer-III, its all-encompassing software bundle that now includes PRISMA as standard, bringing its total product count to 15; alternatively, eXplorer-III itself is available at a promotional price of €499.00 EUR (including VAT/tax)/$499.00 USD until the end of June 2016. (Thereafter, its RRP returns to €585.00 EUR/$599.00 USD, which still represents a significant cost saving of over 50% when compared to separately purchasing each and every Rob Papen virtual instrument and effects plug-in included!)


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Self-confessed synth freak and world-renowned sound designer Rob Papen started working with synthesizers at the tender age of 15 when purchasing an analogue Korg MS-20 semi-modular monosynth and accompanying analogue SQ-10 sequencer. Suitably inspired, he subsequently released several CDs as part of Dutch electronic music groups Peru and Nova — the latter featuring the same members as Peru, but with a more commercial slant — with whom he enjoyed number one hit singles in The Netherlands (Nova) in 1982 and Austria (Peru) in 1988. Peru disbanded in 1993, by which time Rob had already established himself as a sought-after sound designer, creating presets for the likes of Waldorf, Access, Ensoniq, and E-mu, before going on to found his namesake company in pursuit of creating a sound designer’s dream synth. That software dream soon became reality when Rob formed the RPCX (Rob Papen ConcreteFX) partnership with music software developer Jon Ayres to develop new Rob Papen virtual instruments and effects plug-ins, starting with BLUE — an exciting-sounding, self-styled ‘Crossfusion Synthesis’ affair (combining FM, Phase Distortion, Wave Shaping, and Subtractive synthesis into one powerful dream synth) — in 2005. Today Rob Papen soundware defines cutting-edge contemporary music production: powerful virtual instruments and plug-ins that intermix innovative design, uncompromising sound quality, and musical, production-grade presets to make tracks truly shine, whatever the musical genre… Inspiration Soundware, indeed!

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