FXpansion forges ahead with Geist2 beat production system

LONDON, UK – MAY 19: audio software developer FXpansion is proud to announce the availability of Geist2, an all-new incarnation of its award-winning Geist. Geist2 is a powerful sound-sculpting and beat production system with streamlined sample manipulation, arrangement, and modulation capabilities for intuitive and accelerated workflow. Available for Mac OS X (10.9 or higher) and Windows (7 SP1 or higher), as 64-bit only AAX, 32- and 64-bit AU and VST, and Standalone versions.

Geist2 is an advanced step-sequencer and sample-based drum machine realised in software and sympathetically styled so that creativity comes to the fore. First and foremost, it allows an elegant and ergonomic way to effortlessly build beats (although is equally well suited to work with all kinds of music material). Grooves and rhythms can be performed and programmed quicker than ever, thanks to its redesigned, resizable (Retina/4K-compatible) interface that’s as easy on the eye as it is to use.

There’s so much more to Geist2 than first meets the eye. Equally at home as a triggered sample player, loop machine, performance beatbox, production system, or all of these things at once, anyone can approach beat making in their own way with Geist2.

For slicing longer loops, the refined Slicer combined with up to 64 pads allows for fast, non-destructive chopping of beats with automatic pattern extraction — easily create custom loops, thanks to drag-and-drop MIDI and audio export functionality.

When capturing samples with Geist2’s Sampler, whether working with multiple loops or threshold-based single hits, the integrated browser and an ability to record directly to the pads provides an easy-going environment for creating custom kits to hit that perfect beat!

But what about taking things to an even higher level of interest, musical-sounding or otherwise? Geist2’s got it covered, thanks to the TransMod system. Automate almost any parameter with interacting modulators like LFOs, step-sequencers, envelopes, maths functions, and macro controls to morph and evolve sounds in new and creative ways.

Each of Geist2’s eight engines feature a 64-track Sequencer with 24 pattern memories — all with individual track lengths to create evolving polyrhythmic patterns. Event probability, micro-timing shifts for ‘off-the-grid’ organic grooves, and parameter step- automation for adding new dimensions to beats are also available.

When working in Song mode, building complex, evolving arrangements is easy and fun; record scene changes live in real time or just start playing — capturing it all afterwards and never missing an idea with retro recording functionality.

Finally, Geist2’s powerful sampling and effects engine can twist and transform sounds into something completely different. Layer samples with individual effects and use crossfaded loop point modulation alongside Zynaptiq’s ZTX — a cross-platform technology for high-quality time-stretching, pitch-shifting, and pitch-correction — to create new sounds and textures. New effects also include FXpansion’s own Bloom (creative delay and diffusion effect) and Maul (distortion and tone shaper) algorithms alongside low fidelity DAC (Digital to Audio Convertor) modelling, high-quality reverb, frequency shifting, granular freezing, classic DCAM (Discrete Component Analogue Modelling) compression, filters, drive, and much more.

With its inbuilt intelligent browser for navigating a superlative sound library from Splice Sounds — a passionate team of engineers, designers, writers, musicians, and music-lovers devoted to producing some of the best loops, samples, and sounds around — Geist2 is ready and able to take beats and grooves to the next level.
Geist2 is available to purchase and download directly from FXpansion for $199.00 USD/€179.00 EUR/£139.00 GBP here: https://www.fxpansion. com/products/geist2/ ( Existing Geist owners can upgrade to Geist2 for $99.00 USD/€89.00 EUR/£69.00 GBP.)

For more in-depth information, please visit the dedicated Geist2 product webpage here: https://www.fxpansion. com/products/geist2/

See and hear Geist2 in action in FXpansion’s tantalising trailer video here:

Geist2 can be expanded with FXpansion’s range of inspiring Geist Expanders here: https://www.fxpansion. com/products/geist/expanders/

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