With access to over 19 GB of sounds, over 14,000 samples, over 1,200 MIDI patterns, 3,700 loops and over 570 instruments, plus 30 included instruments and 10 Custom Shop Gear Credits, musicians & producers can now experience the full power of SampleTank at no cost.
August 14, 2015 – IK Multimedia is proud to announce SampleTank® Custom Shop, the new no-cost introductory version of SampleTank 3, the industry standard sound and groove workstation application and DAW plug-in for Mac/PC. Now musicians, producers and engineers have a great new way to explore over 14,000 samples, over 19 GB of additional sound content and 3,700 loops, 1,200 MIDI patterns and over 500 instruments. SampleTank Custom Shop comes with a fully functional curated library of 30 high-quality instruments — including 8 completely new instruments and the widely acclaimed Grand Piano 1 SE — that can be edited, manipulated and completely customized to illustrate SampleTank 3’s broad sonic versatility. SampleTank Custom Shop also lets users browse, purchase and play with the growing collection of SampleTank 3 Instruments available in the Custom Shop — like the new Alan Parsons Grand Piano, American Acoustic Guitar, Neil Peart Drums, Billy Cobham Drums, Future Synths and more — all from the convenience of a standalone application or DAW plug-in, with prices for additional content starting as low as $29.99.

As an added bonus, musicians who download and register SampleTank Custom Shop will receive 10 Gear Credits to use towards any additional instrument of their choosing. Add it all up and it’s clear to see that access to the benchmark-setting industry standard sound and groove workstation just got even easier.
A universe of sounds
SampleTank Custom Shop comes with 30 instruments that have been meticulously sampled and painstakingly engineered by IK‘s team of audio professionals; that’s 8 more instruments than was available in the previous introductory version of SampleTank 3. The new material builds on that original collection by bringing in beautiful new electric pianos, emotionally charged string synths and funky new basses. The included 30 instruments can all be manipulated and used in SampleTank Custom Shop just like in the full and SE versions. Musicians can use the powerful EDIT page and entire suite of advanced effects to tweak their sounds and explore an unlimited variety of sonic possibilities.
The Custom Shop
SampleTank Custom Shop also provides full access to SampleTank 3’s built-in Custom Shop (previously only available for users of SampleTank 3 and SampleTank 3 SE). Now, new users can browse, purchase, download and play with all of the remarkable additional SampleTank 3 Instruments available. These instruments cover a wide variety of uses from the electronic dance music-centric Elektronika and Beats series to the acoustic guitar sounds of American Acoustic to the “stone room” drum sound of Hugh Padgham Drums and beyond — the Custom Shop has instruments that cover virtually every genre and style of playing imaginable.
When used with SampleTank 3 Instruments downloaded from the Custom Shop, SampleTank Custom Shop offers full play, mix and effect capabilities, so each of these collections can work immediately as a virtual instrument in the user’s preferred DAW or in standalone mode. 
SampleTank Custom Shop is part of IK Multimedia’s Custom Shop series of complimentary applications that includes the AmpliTube® Custom Shop guitar and bass studio and T-RackS® Custom Shop mixing and mastering suite. As an added bonus, users who either download or update and authorize SampleTank Custom Shop will also receive 10 complimentary Gear Credits that can be used towards the purchase of ANY piece of Custom Shop gear.
Industry standard sound
SampleTank Custom Shop can be easily upgraded to the full or SE version of SampleTank 3. The full version of IK’s benchmark-setting sound and groove workstation features an intuitive workflow that helps musicians effortlessly get down to the business of making music. Its massive library of included sounds features over 33 GB of content. This base library can also be expanded via the numerous SampleTank 3 Instruments available in the Custom Shop. Because of this, SampleTank 3 can sport well over 50 GB of inspiring high-quality sounds, many of which have been featured on countless hit songs and recordings. With its constant stream of new content, SampleTank 3 continues to be the industry standard for professional sound both on stage and in the studio.
Pricing and availability
SampleTank Custom Shop is available now via the IK Online Store at no cost. SampleTank 3 Instruments start as low as $/€29.99 in the IK Custom Shop or Online Store (with 10 Gear Credit discount).
The full version of SampleTank 3, with its massive base library of over 33 GB of sounds, is available starting at $/€199.99. SampleTank 3 SE, an affordable special edition with 6.5 GB of sounds, is available for just $/€99.99. With its newly expandable library and 8 new included sounds, all users of SampleTank FREE should download the new version of SampleTank Custom Shop.
*all prices excluding taxes
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