How can you not love the 90’s hip-hop and R&B? I’m not sure that we knew it then but the 90’s were a special era with its own sound, fashion and overall vibe. Considering the 1990’s, was in fact, prior to the current social media, blogging, celeb crazed era of late, there are tons of behind the scenes stories that we just dont know.

If, in fact, these same artist were as accessible as today’s artists are via social media etc., we’d likely already know most of the dirt and background stories that accompany them. However, the 90’s were different and there was still some level of mystery and assumption about the goings on of rap cats and R&B artists.

Having said that, its always cool to hear cats from the 1990’s mid school era talk about their behind the scenes experiences. Thanks to my folks over at BackPack Theory, we can check out Tracey Lee as he speaks on his experiences in the game.

Per my people over at Back Pack Theory

Tracey Lee aka “Mr. Anywhere My Crew Go” candidly speaks on his experiences in the music industry, specifically on how he was tricked into selling half his publishing for $1. He also talks about how much Biggie charged him for a verse for the “Many Facez” album and the problems that came with having a guest verse from the Brooklyn wordsmith.

While we on the topic of Tracey Lee and Biggie, here is the collabo… peep

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