IK Multimedia is on a roll right now with their recent slew of releases. iLoud, IK Multimedia’s boom-box fatal is the highly regarded “wireless portable speaker designed for musicians.” The iLoud is said to be “the first portable stereo speaker designed for studio monitor quality on the go”

So the idea here is that iLoud is your portable studio monitoring system. There is a total combined 40W of power (2x16W low-frequency, 2x4W high frequency). Although there are differences in design, its probably worth noting that if you Google 40W studio monitor you will come up with some interesting comparables (i.e.KRK – Rokit 5 G2 5″ 45W 2-Way Studio Monitor and Behringer – 40W 2-Way Studio Monitors).

The build is plastic and not too fancy. But this thing is rather weighty for such a small piece. Similar to most typical boomboxes for iOS devices, iLoud is black with two speakers to the left and right of a centered volume knob. The back of the iLoud is home to a “bass-reflex port,” a 1/4” iRig input, 1/8” stereo analog line input (perfect for devices with no Bluetooth compatibility). Also on the back are the gain control knob, Bluetooth pairing button, power / charge indicator light, on/off switch and a DC power connection. They’ve even included a little kick stand so that it doesn tilt over. I have to add here that the kick stand is not made of anything other than plasitc that is maybe an 1/8 of an inch thick. So, be gentle.


But even with its I/O, keep in mind it is a Bluetooth speaker so there is no need to physically connect anything if you don’t need / want to. The Bluetooth compliant iLoud speaker uses the industry standard A2DP protocol. According to IK Multimedia, iLoud “supports Bluetooth operation for wireless audio streaming anywhere and everywhere from a mobile device such as an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Android smartphone or tablet for casual listening.”


As for the actual built in iRig circuit, guitarists, synth guys and vocalists can plug right into the iLoud with the benefit of iRig’s classic and clean signal path.

The size is, in few words, ultra portable. It’s about as big as an iPad with an additional 2 inches of thickness. As we all know, the real test is whether or not you can throw it in your backpack with a few other beat making essentials and be out. Along with my iPad, Laptop and Quneo controller the iLoud fit like a glove into my backback without causing much strain to my back as it weighs in at about 2lbs.

iLoud has a frequency response of 50Hz to 20kHz where as the comparable KRK monitor has a frequency response of 50Hz to 20kHz. Thats a pretty similar range and strikes me rather well for a bluetooth monitor. Also, packed into the portable iLoud cabinet is a Four Class-D Amplifiers (bi-amped). The sound is delivered to you via iLoud’s two way 2×3” neodymium woofers & 2×3/4” neodymium tweeters. It’s DSP controlled and has auto stand by to save battery power.

Speaking of the battery power… Yes, iLoud comes with an “Integrated high-performance Li-Ion rechargeable battery.” The battery lasts up 3 hours at max volume and up to 10 hours with “normal usage” according to IK Multimedia. For my purposes and my use during testing things out, it seemed to last forever. I never ran out of battery until that one time when I left it on in my backpack over night.

IK Multimedia says iLoud has “Superior low-frequency extension and sound accuracy.” During my usuage of the iLoud I noticed this bad boy was surprisingly “loud.” The bass is nicer than one would expect from such a small package. Highs were pretty clear. Messing around with my DAW I found that I could get a good since of what my mix was like but I wouldnt rely soley on iLoud for critical mix decisions. Still, it makes for a good reference piece and if you are on the go in a hotel room for instance, prepare to disturb the neighbors but rest assured you can make comfy decisions about your session on the go with iLOUD.

ILoud comes with

  • iLoud speaker
  • Power supply
  • Power supply cable
  • TRRS audio cable (1m/3.3ft)

iLoud Specifications

  • •40W total power (2x16W low-frequency, 2x4W high frequency).
  • •Frequency response 50Hz to 20kHz.
  • •Four Class-D Amplifiers, bi-amped system.
  • •Two way 2×3” neodymium woofers & 2×3/4” neodymium tweeters.
  • •High performance bass-reflex port.
  • •1/4” iRig® input for connecting guitars and dynamic microphones to iOS devices.
  • •Bluetooth compatible with A2DP protocol.
  • •1/8” stereo analog line input.
  • •DSP controlled.
  • •Superior low-frequency extension and sound accuracy.
  • •Auto Standby.
  • •Integrated high-performance Li-Ion rechargeable battery.
  • •Battery duration at maximum volume: up to three hours. Normal usage: up to ten hours.
bboy_review_scale_4So, for the mobile beatmaker, iLoud is a dope travel companion. I’d even say for those of us with actuall studio monitors, iLoud makes a great 2nd point of reference while you mix in your lab. At $299 iLoud is a good buy for the beatmaker that travels often and needs a good reference.

Pricing and Availability

iLoud is priced at $299.99/€239.99 (excl. tax) and is available now from the IK network of music and electronic retailers around the world.

For more information, go to: www.ikmultimedia.com/iloud



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