Music Industry Roadcase Manufacturer Anvil Cases Proudly Introduce a Line of Roadcases for Mobile Devices.

The incredible level of ultimate quality & protection that’s been available to the biggest names in music for over 60 years to carry and protect their equipment will now be available for your mobile devices!

Los Angeles, CA- January 21st, 2014 – Anvil Cases is thrilled to announce a partnership with singer/songwriter AJ McLean around their exciting expansion into consumer products and mobile device protection. Anvil Cases reputation for ultimate protection has been well earned through decades of experience working to provide carrying and protective solutions for some of the world’s most demanding travel and touring conditions. The Anvil iPhone 5/5s Roadcase™ delivers the same level of legendary protection that music icons have been depending on for the past 60 years to safeguard their gear from the hardships of being on the road

“Wouldn’t it be cool if the same company that protects some of your all-time favorite musicians gear was protecting your mobile devices?” That’s the question Anvil VP for Mobile Products, Jose Beltran, says inspired the Company to launch their new Consumer Products Division. As for this exciting new partnership, McLean says the idea came about when he met with some of the company executives and realized he’s already had a 20-year relationship with Anvil. “From the start, Anvil Cases have been helping the boys make sure our equipment travels safely while we’re out on the road, I trust Anvil and I love the brand. I’m excited to be involved in this expansion with them, specifically for a product that I think everyone should have protecting their phone.”

The Anvil iPhone 5/5s Roadcase™ protects against bumps, high impacts, scratches and scuffs. The unique 4-piece design delivers maximum protection with minimum bulk. “We didn’t just want to make a phone case that looked like a roadcase… We wanted to make a roadcase specifically designed to protect your phone,” says Beltran.

“One thing I love about Anvil’s design is that its as sleek as it is protective, so I don’t have to battle getting my phone in-and-out of my jeans” says McLean. The authentic Anvil Roadcase™ corners with brushed metal finish and reinforced rubber provide added shock absorption where it counts. And since Anvil knows you love music, they’ve paid extra attention to port access so you can feel comfortable you’ll be able to use your earbuds and headphones with the case on.


  • * 3 layers of protection.
  • * Internal rubber polymer shock absorbing liner with added protection in the corners.
  • * Rubber polymer back padding for extra impact protection.
  • * High strength polycarbonate shell.
  • * Full earbud/headphone access.
  • * Maximum impact protection with minimum bulk.


Pricing and Availability

The Anvil Roadcase for iPhone5/5s is now available for pre-order for $35.95 and will begin shipping in late Spring 2014. An AJ McLean Limited Edition Anvil Roadcase for iPhone5/5s package will also be available in a numbered run of 300 for a per unit price of $69.00.

About AJ McLean

AJ McLean is a singer/songwriter & performer best known as a member of the hugely successful pop act, the Backstreet Boys but to think of McLean solely in the context of music is to miss a huge portion of his identity. From his earliest days in the public consciousness, McLean has demonstrated an incredible sartorial sense, never shying from unorthodox pairings or blazing trends with an undeniable current of style running throughout his career. During his 20 years in one of the most unpredictable industries there is, one fact has remained consistent: AJ McLean has proven himself a chameleon and a survivor, a consistent figure on the pop landscape.

About Anvil Cases

Throughout the decades, Anvil Cases has been the product of choice for music icons and the people entrusted with protecting their gear. Out of their design and manufacturing location in Southern California they serve enthusiasts, creatives, music lovers, aficionados, believers, and devotees. The company has their clients in mind in every product they create. Anvil’s designers dream of exquisitely designed cases and gear made for those not willing to conform. Living up to 60 years of heritage, Anvil loves to know that today they’re protecting your gear just like they’ve been protecting some of music’s greatest treasures since the 1950’s.

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