PARIS, FRANCE: audio production sounds and software producer UVI is proud to announce availability of Urban Suite, a captivating collection of five new software instruments with an accompanying sizeable sample library tailored towards urban contemporary music producers, as of October 30…

Having produced one of the best-selling urban contemporary sample libraries ever, today UVI presents the most complete set of software instruments and sounds for beat-driven street music production ever seen… and heard! Each and every sample used in Urban Suite has been professionally mastered by Chris Gehringer at Sterling Sound in NYC to provide the out-and-out best sound quality possible — perfect for hip hop, R&B, trap, beat, experimental, and any other associated genre you might mention. As a modern-day living legend of urban music, Chris has worked with anyone who’s anyone, including 50 Cent, JayZ, Nas, Naughty by Nature, Rihanna, Snoop Dog, Robin Thicke, and Wu-Tang Clan, to name but a notable few. Rest assured, your sounds have been in good hands here since his finely-tuned ears and gifted genre-hopping mastery have helped to make all aspects of Urban Suite sound simply superb right out of the box, so you can concentrate on doing what you do best — making music of merit with whichever of the five following superb-sounding software instruments you could come down in favour of using.

WS BeatShaper copyBeatShaper

BeatShaper’s deep sound design capabilities and a comprehensive sample library conspire to create the ultimate urban drum machine! Craft your own drum kits to fulfil your beating heart’s desire with kicks, snare, claps, and hi-hats aplenty. All told, there are hundreds of sounds available in BeatShaper, each and every one of them distinctly designed to be mixed and mangled into your own creations with intuitive controls, analogue-modelled filters, envelopes, and effects. From hard hits to stupendous sub-bass booms, no other drum machine delivers this balance of quality, control, and ease of use with such admirable ease. Build your own kits from scratch or use one of the 150 included. Either way, BeatShaper beats the competition as a must-have for the discerning beatsmith!

WS Prime 8 Main copy


Ironically, perhaps, the most sought-after and iconic drum machine of them all — the big daddy of the venerable ‘X0X’ series — has arguably been done to death when it comes to sample libraries. However, with a glut of indistinguishable kits of questionable quality out there, here at UVI we wanted to do right by the grandes dames and reset the sampling bar — higher than it’s ever been before! Which is precisely why Prime8 started off with an in-depth, multi-sampling process using Class-A equipment and a thoroughly high-resolution capture. After an exacting editing stage, the total library was mastered by Chris Gehringer at Sterling Sound to provide Prime8 with an immediate and distinctive punch. Prime8 looks the part, too, with an alluring GUI guaranteed to open eyes while each instrument has been outfitted with an arsenal of effects to appease ears still further, including reverb, delay, drive, and an LP/HP filter combo, covering wide-ranging sonic territory. To top it all, a built-in sequencer helps get the groove started while individual outputs for each instrument allows you to track and mix to your ear’s content! What better way, then, to breathe new life into a well-known classic than with Prime8, a sure-fire force that can capably carry even the heaviest of tracks to wherever you want to take them rhythmically with 50-plus propulsive preset kits to get you going!

WS Urban X copyUrban X

A sample-synth fit for the street, Urban X takes three fully-featured UVI synth voices — complete with discrete amp, multimode filter, pitch, stereo and multi-effect units — and loads them with a stupendous set of sounds suited to urban music production. Think turntable meets synth and you’re getting close to what Urban X is all about — albeit not just one, but rather three of them, so you can layer and tweak sounds to creat

e completely new sonic statements. Use it as a simple sample player, polyphonic synth, or take things to the extreme — layering, morphing, and distorting sounds to take a walk on the wilder side of urban music production! The choice is yours. With 1,000-plus sounds and 100-plus presets to choose from, this totally customisable software instrument has more than enough to keep your creative workflow flowing fast and furious!

WS Scratch Machine copyScratch Machine

There’s no way to accurately reproduce the experience of scratching without using a turntable, but Scratch Machine comes closer than most by a miracle mile. Go grab yourself a keyboard or pad controller, load up a classic sound, and let loose! Speaking of which, over 10,000 samples — single shots, round robins, and loops — were all recorded directly from decks under the masterful control of our resident turntablist and scratch artist extraordinaire, DJ Quartz, giving users access to an astonishing range of articulations and expressive options with 100-plus presets to play with. What’s more, interactive pitch control, playback speed, six built-in effects, a three-band EQ, and an LP/HP filter faithfully conspire to create a fun-packed, powerful, vinyl-inspired software instrument, infused with a classic vibe and authentic sound!

WS BeatControl copy


BeatControl is a multitrack looper with a huge sound library of genre-specific material, including drums, bass, and phrases that are all playable, mixable, and tweak-able in realtime within the UVI Workstation standalone player or your favourite DAW. Create grooves, builds, layers, or even complete songs in a matter of minutes making use of the 150-plus presets!



Urban Suite Sample Library

Last, but by no means least, the namesake Urban Suite sample library itself covers nearly two decades of tastefully tailored urban sounds — one shots, loops, and construction kits, all meticulously modified, mastered by Chris Gehringer, and organised for speedy access. From old school to new school and beyond, all in all, this represents a huge resource of sounds — 2,000-plus samples and loops, plus 150-plus construction kits — that are sure to provide many years of inspirational and creative usage for any urban music producer worth his or her salt!

Taken as a whole, then, Urban Suite truly represents the most complete set of instruments and sounds for beat-driven street music production ever seen… and has to be heard to be believed! Put simply, these are beat production tools to die for!

Urban Suite is available to purchase as a direct download for $199.00 USD or physical boxed product for $199.00 USD (plus $29.00 USD shipping) from UVI’s online Store here:

Note: Urban Suite requires an iLok USB smart key — check out our FREE iLok offer (, an iLok account (, and the latest version (2.1.7) of the free UVI Workstation ( or MOTU’s MachFive 3.
Watch UVI’s Urban Suite Official Trailer here:
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