Elaquent – Believing is a journey through a hip-hop and electronic dimension of staggering drum rhythms and soulful synth doodles.

One of my favorite things is to come across an incredible beatmaker with an extensive catalog of banging musical treats. That is exactly what happened with Canadian Beatmaker, Elaquent. Elaquent seems to have a way of creating lush musical landscapes. The sometimes crooked and off kilter drum tracks that anchor his eclectic and soulful musical backdrops are always solid. The use of synthy playfulness is rather charming and demands that you turn it up.

I guess I should only expect this quality of mesmerizing beatmaking from the likes of Hu What & Where.

I’m impressed and almost a bit ashamed to say that I hadn’t hear of him until now. Well, worry not. Elaquent has obviously cemented a place in the beatmaking community as one of the cats to watch. So here’s one for the road. Take a listen. I’m certain you will dig this one as much as I do. Trust me… heavy rotation for Elaquent’s Believing.

Here is what Hu What & Where has to say about “Believing”

Whether it is on purpose or coincidence, Elaquent is a beatsmith who creates juicy beats that upholds his own producing name. A lot of his lacings are hip-hop and soul oriented, but you should know by now that any claimed influence these days can be misleading. Elaquent’s latest album, Believing, showcases his musical ability to adapt and evolve his game. Yes, there are clear signs of hip-hop and soul interspersed within the album, though the organic style he has injected into the album overshadows any doubts of it being yet another mundane, album. You’ll stumble across unorthodox yet progressive beats, an eclectic collection of effects, and a modest use of looped vocals. This downtempo-esque album also provides a wide range of moods and tone, all the while keeping your mind at bay. Mystique, yet familiar. Blunt, yet majestic.

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