Self-powered monitor with amazing size to output ratio and unique design

Austin, TX (July 2013) – BASSMAXX proudly announces the availability of their new very compact and very loud DiaMon DJ112. The DiaMon DJ112 gives venues more options for speaker placement without compromising on sound. It also provides mobile DJs big system volume while keeping setup time and effort to a bare minimum.

The DiaMon DJ112 is fully self-contained and needs nothing more than power and signal to be ready to play. Despite its small size, it has the output to keep up with several subwoofers. For portable applications it’s intended to be mounted on a pole-stand above one or more of the BASSMAXX Profundo Series subwoofers. Used with a subwoofer system, the DiaMon is a powerful main speaker, capable of remarkable clarity at very high sound levels. An example of their extraordinary size to output ratio came when world-famous DJ Andy C. was presented with them as his monitors. On seeing their size, his comment “That’s not going to do, mate!” was quickly followed by amazement at their volume. “What have you put in those things? I don’t think we need the mains!”

The DiaMon DJ112 is a high-output, self-powered, bi-amped, co-axial monitor that features a neodymium magnet 700W 12” woofer; a 3″ voice coil, 1.4” exit compression driver; and a 1500W amplifier with an integrated digital signal processor. The compression driver plays through the center of the woofer, making it a true point-source cabinet. Both the woofer and tweeter coils share the same magnetic structure to keep size and weight to a minimum, and the cabinet is barely bigger than the 12″ woofer. The 1500-watt class D Powersoft amplifier features built-in digital signal processing that provides crossover functions as well as a full complement of protections, limiters and equalizers that ensure accurate, consistent, and reliable operation.

An impressive example on how the DiaMons integrate elegantly into a venue’s décor while simultaneously creating an intense dance sound system can be found at AMPED in Austin, TX. AMPED, an upscale, two-story dance and live music club on the famous Sixth Street features a full BASSMAXX system install with four DiaMon DJ112s for the dance floor mains, paired with two BASSMAXX SSP218 Profundo Subwoofers. With a limited amount of space upstairs and a roof that opens to the sky, this set-up enables the club to minimize obstruction of the view while maximizing sound quality and quantity.

Not only the size and the sound quality are compelling. The DiaMon DJ112’s unique design makes the monitor a talking point for both DJs and their audience. The angle-cut corner allows it to be placed on a table and used as a DJ monitor without pole-mounting. An adjustable wall-mount bracket is also available. Gregory Selph, Operating Partner at Miami’s premier techno-underground DJ venue Treehouse, was the first to put the DiaMon DJ112 to the test as a DJ monitor. “It’s an ultra forward design that you just don’t see in any other clubs…” he reports. “The DJs – especially the European DJs – they love it. I love it. Looks aside, if they didn’t take the beatings our system took each night then it wouldn’t matter how great they look. We have put our new DiaMon DJ112 monitors through a pretty tortuous three months test drive, and again – no disappointments.” DJ Luke Hunter experienced the performance of the DiaMonDJ12 first hand while performing at Treehouse Miami, and raved “I’m completely blown away!”


  • Stunning Output-to-Size and Weight Ratio
  • Elegant and Unique Design and Grill
  • Bi-Amped Self-Powered with Built-In DSP
  • 1500W Digital Class D Amplifier
  • Point Source Co-Axial Loudspeaker Offers:

– Superior Coherence
– Excellent Off-Axis Response
– Reduction of Feedback

  • Pole-Mount, Wall-Mount and Tabletop placement options

Price & Availability:

$2,953 MSRP. Available at or by calling toll-free (855) 822-7770.

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