I always keep a watchful eye out for cool technology. The Artiphon INSTRUMENT 1 happens to be one such very cool piece of technology.

The INSTRUMENT 1 is, according to Artiphon, “a dramatically different musical controller for iOS. It combines traditional instrument craftsmanship with the power of the iPhone and musical apps.” It is undoubtedly the most slick and sleek piece of craftsmanship I’ve seen in a while. But perhaps even more impressive is the amount of tactile control it allows over iOS instrument apps like Garageband.

The Artiphon INSTRUMENT 1 can easily become an instrument that will allow an entire generation of iOS musicians incorporate traditional players gestures into the world of iOS music making. Genius!

At long last Artiphon has released their first video demonstration / sizzle reel showing off the INSTRUMENT 1’s sleek craftsmanship and interface.

With that said lets dig deeper into the INSTRUMENT 1 by Artiphon. Here is what Artiphon has offered up as an in-depth discussion of why the Artiphon is the future of iOS music creation.

Why does the world need a new instrument?:

The musical instrument market is notoriously static (ex., the same guitar designs are sold now as they were 50 years ago), yet musicians constantly demand innovation. The last major shift occurred roughly 15 years ago with the widespread use of laptops and digital recording, ushering in entirely new genres of electronic and pop music. Now, with mobile devices becoming a viable platform for professional music making, there is a clear need for new instruments that take advantage of the unique flexibility and power of mobile apps while maintaining musicians’ familiar playing styles and techniques.

Enter the Artiphon INSTRUMENT 1, a professional wooden musical instrument with an iPhone for a brain. Designed and manufactured by a team of audio electronics experts in Nashville, TN, the INSTRUMENT 1 is the first serious instrument for a new generation of mobile musicians. The patent-pending technology inside the INSTRUMENT 1 makes it the first MIDI string-like instrument to be fully pressure-sensitive, allowing for dynamic playability that extends far beyond two-dimensional touch-sensing or button-triggering. And it is the first in a line of multi-instruments we are developing which have both the familiarity of traditional instruments and the flexibility to be held, configured, and performed in startlingly diverse ways. Artiphon is leading the way in a new category for the musical instrument market.

Reservations available now:

The INSTRUMENT 1 will be available for order this summer in a limited production, hand-built batch ($799 USD). For those wishing to be in the queue now and ensure they get one before the batch is gone, we’ve opened a reservation program. For a $10 deposit, reservers will secure a place in line, receive advance notice of the on-sale date, and hear about exclusive updates on our development process. They will also be sent a special letterpressed reservation card, hand numbered with their reservation code. When sales open later this year, this reservation code will be credited as $20 toward a first purchase.

A true multi-instrument:


The INSTRUMENT 1 is an ergonomic multi-instrument that feels both familiar and completely new. Its elegant form is designed to flow around the musician’s body, shattering the historical idea that an instrument can only be played one way. Rather than being limited to a single position, the INSTRUMENT 1 is a true multi-instrument in form and function. Sling the strap over your neck and play it like a guitar. Prop it under your chin and bow it like a violin. Prop it upright on your knee for a bass or cello technique. Or lay it down flat across your knees to play it like a lap steel or drum pad. This is not simply an instrument that can sound like any other instrument; it is an innovative new form that allows for previously unthinkable flexibility.

What it means to play an app:

Every person with a smartphone in their pocket is carrying an orchestra’s worth of instruments, thousands of effects, a DJ workstation, and a full-fledged recording studio. Rather than having a limited span of sounds, the INSTRUMENT 1 controls thousands of iOS apps via MIDI. Musicians who are already using popular apps like Animoog, GarageBand, Auria, and Sunrizer can use their familiar apps, as well as explore new ones, in even deeper ways. And with the introduction of Audiobus, apps can now be linked together for new permutations in sounds, effects, and recording. The INSTRUMENT 1 can also be used to control performance and recording software like Ableton Live, Traktor, and Pro Tools

Get your $10 reservation on at http://www.artiphon.com/ 

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