Avid recently released Pro Tools 11 to huge amounts of fan fare. Seems to be a good amount of very cool and very useful features in this release. Given  teh fact that Logic X is nearly considered vapor ware at this point Avid’s Pro Tools 11 just may nab a bit of Apple’s DAW market share. Check out the Pro Tools 11 “sizzle reel.”

Want to “Get an in-depth walkthrough of Pro Tools 11”? Well, you need to go here and fill out a form to get a better taste of what it offers. Enjoy.

New in Pro Tools 11

New and Enhanced System Capabilities

  • Pro Tools 11 is a 64-bit application
  • New Avid Audio Engine
  • New Avid Video Engine
  • System Usage Window Enhancements
  • Drag and Drop Installation (Mac only)
  • Co-Install with Pro Tools 10.3.6 (or higher)
  • Increased track count for Instrument tracks
  • Up to 64 levels of Undo
  • Online Avid Support available from the Help menu

New Bounce to Disk Features and Enhancements

  • Offline bounce (faster-than-real-time)
  • Bounce multiple output and bus paths simultaneously
  • Bounce to any selected file type and MP3 simultaneously
  • Name bounced files in the Bounce dialog • Bounce from sends and track outputs
  • Bounce multiple sources to QuickTime
  • Bounce MP3 to QuickTime
  • Bounce to QuickTime Settings (for transcoding)
  • New Workspace Browser Paradigm
  • Volume, Project, and Catalog browsers consoli- dated within Workspace browser
  • Improved database file management • Enhanced database search tools


  • 64-bit AAX plug-ins
  • New Click II plug-in
  • New Mixing Features and Enhancements
  • Advanced metering for adjustable meter scales and ballistics (Pro Tools HD only)
  • New Headroom indicator
  • Output Meters for monitoring main output paths
  • Track and Send Clip Indicator changes
  • Send Enhancements

-Meters in Sends Assignments
-Expanded Sends View
-Mute Sends key commands

  • Insert Enhancements

-Right-click Insert Assignments to select plug- in presets
-New Bypass Inserts commands

  • Add New Track shortcuts
  • Automatic delay compensation for side-chains (Pro Tools|HDX systems only)
  • Enable Automation in Record
  • Transport Fade In

New Control Surface and Worksurface Features and Enhancements

  • Support for EUCONTM 3
  • D-ControlTM and D-Command® support for new
  • metering features in Pro Tools 11


Avid Video and Interoperability Enhancements

  • Video Track enhancements
  • New Video Operation preferences
  • Support for Video (only) import from OP1A MXF files
  • Satellite Link included with Pro Tools HD • Video Satellite LE included with Pro Tools

Check out the Pro Tools 11 “What’s New Guide” for more info.

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