WHO SAMPLED? KANYE… WhoSampled, MixCloud & Chris Read will show you in this superb mix.

Kanye West, love him or hate him, (that could literally be the beginning and the end to this post simultaneously) is one of the most prolific producers of our time. Celebrity antics and drunken outbursts aside, Kanye with a turntable, an ASR 10, an MPC 2000XL and load of wax at his disposal is a force to be reckoned with. (As I wrote that last line I cringed at its truth mostly because of his aforementioned celebrity antics that usually overshadow his talent.)

At any rate, West dropped his latest project Yeezus (that name is as obnoxious as North West is) this week. I can’t say I am a fan of the project but that doesn’t matter to the mass of folks who bought it and will make your life a Yeezus filled mess for the next 18 months with it. Uhhh… OK I bought it. I had to check it out but I don’t like it and I want my money back. That is all that I will say about that.

Moving on, as I said Yeezus dropped this week. In honor of Ye’s latest effort, WhoSampled.com got together with BBC “1Xtra” Mix Show DJ Chris Read to put together a mixcloud mix of samples used by Kanye on his biggest and most memorable hits. These are the samples that Kanye based his entire career as a sampling producer on. Indeed, Read does an excellent job at pulling these samples and grooves together in a cohesive uninterrupted way. In short, it’s a damn good mix. Even if you don’t enjoy ‘Ye you’ll likely appreciate this mix.


Kanye West: The Samples mixed by Chris Read by Whosampled on Mixcloud

Shouts out to WhoSampled.com … to peep the playlist head over to the WhoSampled.com blog.


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