EDINBURGH, UK: professional audio plug-ins developer Camel Audio is proud to announce availability of Alchemy Mobile v2, a major update to its free iOS synthesiser for iPad/iPhone, as of April 30…

Perfect for developing song ideas on the go or in the studio, Alchemy Mobile is the mobile version of Camel Audio’s award-winning Alchemy soft synth, which can be heard on thousands of records and films by world-class artists. Thanks to the most powerful synthesis engine on iOS, discover an almost limitless palette of musical instruments created from samples, VA, granular and additive synthesis — from fat basses and evolving soundscapes to lush pads and pulsing arpeggios. Its unique remix pad, with tilt and inertia, creates constantly evolving and expressive sounds in a fun and physical way.

Alchemy Mobile v2 is more powerful than ever, and adds four-track MIDI recording and playback so users can layer different Alchemy parts to build up complete loops and song sections. Onscreen drum pads are available to create beats while the four-track sequencer includes mixer and solo/mute functions for intuitive song creation. Camel Audio has also added Audiobus support so it can integrate with mobile studios.

Additional Alchemy Mobile v2 improvements include 30 new presets — piano, strings, guitar, and drum kits; recording enhancements — overdubbing, song position indicator, and adjustable track length; iCloud backup and song transfer; sharper and clearer graphics; onscreen tutorial for speedy learning; lower latency for snappier performance on iPad 3/ iPhone 5; and simplified account setup — get 35 free presets by entering an e-mail address and password. Eight excellent demo songs showcase what Alchemy Mobile v2 can do — have fun remixing the tracks!

Exclusive features new to the in-app Alchemy Mobile Pro upgrade include saving and exporting user songs; saving and loading individual tracks; fine-tuning grooves with adjustable swing; and balancing polyphony verses latency to make the most of the host device’s resources. Other Pro upgrade benefits include an additional 75 sounds and 25 loops, virtual MIDI, polyphonic pitchbend, another eight demo songs, and much more besides.

Quite simply, Alchemy Mobile v2 turns any iPad, iPhone (3GS or later), or iPod Touch (3rd Gen or later) into an expressive synthesiser studio with stunning sound quality!

Alchemy Mobile v2 is available for free from the iTunes App Store. The Alchemy Mobile Pro upgrade is available for iPad/iPhone for $14.99/€11.99/£10.49 as an in-app purchase from within the free version.

Nine additional Sound Libraries each containing 50 sounds (with 400 variations) are also available as in-app purchases for $4.99/€3.99/£2.99 apiece. Anyone already owning the desktop versions of those libraries can download the Alchemy Mobile versions for free having purchased the Alchemy Mobile Pro upgrade.

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