Hot off the press for new music Tuesday, Spectac & Amiri team up again after 3 years to drop a fresh new album entitled “Soul Beautiful.”

In 2010 Spectac & Amiri dropped their debut collaborative album entitled Almost Famous on HiPNOTT Records. Over the past 3 years the pair have amassed a few solo joints separately.  But the collaborative spirit never dies and apparently the time is now right for the duo to join forces again for their latest collaborative offering “Soul Beautiful.” With Amiri on the beats and Spectac on the rhymes the chemistry between them is pretty solid. Sourcing chops and grooves from old soul gems Amiri crafted beats for Spectac that seem to fit his grown man / classic cypher emcee flow quite nicely.

Spectac & Amiri dropped “Soul Beautiful” today, April 30th on iTunes. Prior to the official release they dropped a couple of singles that should help you understand where they are coming from with their latest effort. To get the album on vinyl Spectac & Amiri wants you to “Check out and pledge to our vinyl campaign. Pledgers receive exclusives and perks not available to anyone else, including a free download to the new single!…beautiful-vinyl

This, That & The 3rd

“This, That & The 3rd” is the internet single cooked up specifically for hiphop fans to get a taste of their latest effort. Amiri laces this joint with a horn riff that plays center stage in the tune. Fresh boom-bap drums anchor the “big-band-esque” horns nicely while Spectac spits effortlessly over the top. The hook uses sampled vocal lines “This, That & The 3rd” of which the origin escapes me but it is nicely countered with Sadat X’s “Still nice with the verbs, so f*ck what you heard!” I like this joint for it’s nostalgic flavor that kind of reminds me of summer time cyphers in the lobby of college radio stations during the classic 90’s era. 

I Grew Up (feat. Najee)

I Grew Up (featuring Najee), the first official single from the  Soul Beautiful  album, is a more smooth boom-bap offering with summer time vibe, complimentary flows and a nicely crooned hook by singer Najee. The chops on this one seem to be specifically crafted to evoke a feeling of summer time fun and nostalgia. If that is the case, Amiri hit the mark.

This is a good collaborative effort from Spectac & Amiri as far as I can see. Seems like the duo is setting the stage for a Soul Beautiful  spring / summer full of good vibes, beats and rhymes. Head over to iTunes to cop the album Soul Beautiful.


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