GRENOBLE, FRANCE: music software company XILS-lab is proud to announce availability of Oxium 1.5, an Avid Pro Tools 11 AAX format-ready major update to its popular performance soft synth plug-in.

Oxium has gained a solid foothold in the competitive computer-centric music marketplace since successfully launching last year to critical acclaim. Its intuitive GUI and awesome realtime modulation capabilities conspire to deftly deliver those still-sought-after analogue sounds of yesteryear alongside today’s more modernistic adventurous tones. Thanks to the Grid, Oxium’s onboard advanced sequencer modulator adapted from the Mask concept introduced in XILS-lab’s Le Masque: Delay timeline-driven delay effects plug-in namesake, users can create, delete, and edit the different Masks; specify Grid length; quantise locators; swap between Mask and non-Mask areas; and specify the background quantisation of the Grid itself, both horizontally and vertically. Sounds amazing? Absolutely! As such, obviously Oxium appeals to those simply seeking a quick musical fix and also deeper-digging sound designers.

Of course, time stands still for no one, and XILS-lab has hardly been resting on its laurels, working hard on the Oxium 1.5 update. Besides being on the receiving end of a graceful GUI makeover — with welcome ergonomic enhancements including a redesigned Double Filter Block (that is easier to locate and identify), relocated KEYB/FX/INFO toggle buttons (to the right of the keyboard), a third skin (Ice, complimenting the original Orange and Rusty ones), and much more besides, Oxium 1.5 benefits from several well-thought-through new features to further increase its functionality and musicality, benefitting both existing users and all-new adopters alike.

More than 10 new modulation targets have been implemented, including both mixers’ global levels, as well as all oscillator levels and noise source levels in each of those mixers. Think mind-blowing morphing filters, LFO-controlled components of sounds, and excellent evolving textures — just a few flexible examples of what is now musically possible with Oxium 1.5 as a direct result! Additionally, each Mask now has its own elementary envelope, elements of which have also been added as modulation targets. This allows the creation of hitherto-unheard sequence stylings when modulating those parameters in realtime with the mod wheel or other hardware controllers. All told, the Modulation Matrix and Musical Gestures Modulation pages now boast 59 modulation targets between them, making Oxium 1.5 one of the most powerful virtual analogue soft synths for serious sound designers anywhere!

Meanwhile, Mask functionality and usability has been dramatically increased and improved, thanks to MultiSelection and MultiEdition selection options of continuous or discontinuous Masks for speedy simultaneous editing. New Select ALL, Select ODD, and Select EVEN toggle buttons are available for this very purpose. Moreover, Mask Locators now gradually change colour when approached while onscreen editing, making it easier to grab them to change their lengths without running the risk of accidentally moving them. Thanks to these new Oxium 1.5 developments, Masks can easily be adapted to quickly create complex grooves and sophisticated syncopated music material — mimicking old-school step sequencers or gating techniques, and much more besides!

Rounding off this major update, Oxium 1.5 comes complete with over 50 new presets that mostly make use of its new features. So why not check out the downloadable demo and try before you buy? Rest assured, we’re sure you’ll like what you hear!

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