Mode Machines ushers in their new Pro Audio Series with a clone of the legendary FAIRCHILD 670 tube compressor aptly named the FairComp670.

MODE MACHINES, the small Franconian manufacturer, well known for it’s clones of famous 70´s and 80´s analog synthesizers and self-designed analog units, has decided to increase its portfolio with a PRO AUDIO SERIES while simultaneously revitalizing classic studio technology. The goal and plan going forward is to develop new products and product modifications in this area.

The first step in this new phase is the MODE MACHINES FairComp670 – the first ever original replica of the legendary FAIRCHILD 670 tube compressor, which is considered as the ultimate tube-compressor. The process of manufacturing this fine unit, with 20 hand-selected tubes and 8 transformers, is extremely time-consuming. The machine is produced 100% in Germany by hand-craftsmanship and the circuitry is 100% original to the historical model.

The high-end transformers are hand-made by Sowter in the UK. All tubes are hand-selected for the FairComp670. As a matter of fact, the only difference between the FairComp670 and the original classic FAIRCHILD 670 is the fact that it is made in a modern manufacturing facility. Also,the hand-to-hand wiring has been replaced by very reliable and modern circuit design which, unlike the the original units, will guarantee huge reliability.

Additionally, there are significant positive changes in the original design. The “ZERO” – “BALANCE-” and “DC-THRESHOLD” parameters have, until now, only been controlled via modification of the inside of the original unit, as these were originally only used as a clean broadcast limiter for the demands of broadcast limitation. These trimpots have now been replaced by professional potentiometers that are fully accessible to the user. Because these parameters are essential for day-to-day use in a professional studio environment, MODE MACHINES has made them easily controllable for the user.

An original Fairchild 670 in good condition was accessible for the development of the FAIRCOMP670 and is also very helpful for the serial production of the FC-670.  The original Fairchild 670 will be used for comparison-calibration of each unit before shipping. The ear-to-ear and analysis comparison will come into effect with every unit shipped.

The intentioned use of the FairComp670 ranges from extreme, fast and clean compression to compressions with extreme modification. The results are a powerful use of the FairComp670’s harmonic overtones.

The FairComp670 is a cost-effective, yet very reliable alternative to the original Fairchild compressor at an incredible build quality “MADE IN GERMANY” without the notable risks and shortcomings of the original vintage Fairchild compressor.

For more information check out the Mode Machines FairComp 670’s product page.

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