ELEKTRON drops yet another incredible new instrument. This time they’ve taken a deep dive into analog synthesis with the aptly entitled Analog Four.  The Elektron Analog Four is a four voice analog synthesizer equipped with Elektron’s legendary sequencing technology. They’ve even thrown in a couple of dual CV/Gate outputs controls. I have to say that if this is what new analog looks like, i love it.

Each of the four analog voices come ready for battle with two analog oscillators, a four pole lowpass ladder filter, a two pole multi-mode filter, an analog overdrive circuit, two sub-oscillators, a noise oscillator, two assignable LFOs, a dedicated vibrato LFO, two dedicated waveshape LFOs and a hell of a lot more. Don’t misread the above. Each of those components are times 4 as each feature is included on each of the four fully analog voices.

Onboard effects include Wideshift Chorus, Saturator Delay and Supervoid Reverb. The sequencer includes 4 synth tracks, 1 FX track, 1 CV/Gate track, 128 patterns, Up to 64 step patterns, 128 Sounds, 128 Kits, 16 Songs, 6× arpeggiators, Individual track lengths, Swing, slide and accent functions, Track transpose and so much more.

The ELEKTRON Analog Four is expected to fetch $1199 and will begin shipping December 3. Preorders started November 14. So get going as there will be a limited initial run.

Take a listen

More specs and details available at http://www.elektron.se/products/analog

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