At the things we love most are gear and hip hop. This is why we are the intersection where hip hop and technology meet. That’s why Beyong Luck has our attention. When you get a couple of beat makers, a synth player and a DJ together with improv on the mind and hiphop in their hearts, you get Beyond Luck.

Beyond Luck is comprised of 3 core members. DJ Moppy (effects, scratching and samples), Radius (drum programming, samples and synths) & Kenny Keys (keys and synths). The collective are based in Chicago. When asked what their sound and chemistry is like Radius says “we do most creations live at shows similar to that of a jazz fusion and/or prog/psych rock bands. A lot of basic patterns and skeletons we have sequenced and we build on top of it.”

Beyond Luck certainly is a collective of talented improve musicians with a keen since of how to create genre bending music on the fly. It’s organic to say the least.

Here is how it all shakes out regarding gear and weapons of choice;

  • Radius (Aries) – Akai Mpc 1000, Korg Mini KP, Korg Kaossilator Pro, Vocals, Records/Samples, Kitchen Percussion Etc….
  • Dj Moppy (Capricorn) Technics 1200s, Ableton Live, Pioneer EFX – 500, Records/Samples Etc, Moog Prodigy…
  • Kenny Keys (Aquarius) – Roland XP-80, Korg Triton Etc…
  • Occasional collaborators include Vibes played by Simeon Viltz of Primeridian.

Take a look at their new video featuring Primeridian

If you are in LA, Beyond Luck are booked to play LOW END THEORY on December 5th. You can catch live beat sessions with Radius  on December 7th at Amoeba and at Beat Swap Meet on December 9th

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