We came across these pedals a while back. We haven’t had the chance to  demo them but we love what they offer. The delay and low pass filter pedals bring to mind Moog’s Analog Delay pedal and Moog’s low pass filter pedal but these Koma pedals are entirely different beasts. You have to love the indie spirit of a company like Koma Electronik. These pedals seem to be designed with care from musicians for musicians. They feature on board infrared expression controllers that can be used as a standalone CV feature. The On board infrared expression controller kind of brings to mind Roland’s D-Beam but in this context they seem to be much more functional. Other features include CV inputs and a 10 step sequencer that sort of lets you use the filter in a arpeggio kind of way.

Descriptions from the manufacturers site…

KOMA Elektronik BD101
Analog Gate / Delay

The KOMA Elektronik BD101 Analog Gate / Delay is an innovative voltage controlled analog delay in combination with a fully adjustable wide frequency range gate. The BD101 is capable of providing bit crushing effects, resonant frequencies, fast shifts between heavy delayed and cranked up sounds and super short pulses, with whatever instrument you want to plug into it. With the on board infrared expression controller the user is able to override / control all the front panel controls by moving their hands or feet over it, which makes the pedal a versatile and powerful tool for use live or in the studio.

KOMA Elektronik FT201
Analog Filter / 10 Step Sequencer

The FT201 Analog Filter / 10-Step Sequencer is our innovative voltage controlled vactrol state variable filter combined with a 10 step sequencer. The FT201 is capable of providing ultra low and high frequency filter effects which are controllable with the on board infrared expression controller, which allows the user to create filter sweeps by moving their feet or hands over the pedal. The FT201 has 3 different filter outputs: band pass, low pass and high pass, which all work simultaneously. The cutoff frequency range is very large, between 20 Hz and 20 kHz and because of the vactrols used the sound quality is superb. The 10 Step Sequencer runs through the selected amount of steps (2 – 10 steps) and adds the control voltage to the value set by the Cutoff knob, thus modulating the cutoff frequency in every step.

About the company…

KOMA Elektronik‘s builds effect equipment for musicians and producers. Coming from a musical background Koma wants to develop equipment they always wanted to use on stage and in the studio, but never found in the shops. All Koma products are fully analog with bypass, complete control over most parameters through a 10 socket patch bay and are capable of generating extraordinary sounds with whatever instrument or audiosource you use it with.

Visit http://www.koma-elektronik.com/ for more info on their movement and their products

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