Saturday 25th February 2017,
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My guy from, Saint Joe, invited me onto his channel for an interview. The interview turns out to be a 6 part video interview series. We chop it up about so many topics. It’s pretty much a typical conversation for us. But in the context of an interview it’s a look behind the scenes of all things BBoyTechReport and BeatPPL. Hopefully this will provide a bit of insight into who I am as the founder of the two.

From my starting out as an Emcee in Chicago to owning an indie hip-hop record label to moving to LA. From dealing with the duality of IT life and Music life to marrying the two into a mashup that became and Saint Joe got right into it all with this dope interview series.

So here is a quick look at Part 1 of the interview.

Head over to to check out the other 5 parts of the series.

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The BBoy Tech (Corry Banks) is a writer, emcee, producer, hip hop artist (google Phashara) and IT Pro. Hip-Hop culture, beat making, gear and technology have always been his passions. In these pages, Banks explores and reviews all things beat making & hip-hop related in a techy sort of geeky but bboy cool way.

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