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Quincy Delight Jones aka Q aka The Dude needs no introduction. His career as a composer, conductor, producer, musician spans 6 decades, many generations and several lifetimes. Q was the puppet master behind Michael Jackson’s Off the Wall and Thriller.

As for Quincy Jones’ crate worthiness, for all the crate diggers and dusty fingers out there, Q’s long line of classic waxcavations have been sampled by some of the most prolific and legendary hip-hop acts of all time.  J-Swift tapped Q’s groove trust by sampling 1973’s “Summer In The City” for the Pharcyde’s classic joint “Passing Me By.” Incidentally, The Roots sampled the same joint on the Illadelph Halflife posse cut (old school lingo – I digress) “Clones.” Never one to be left out when discuss prolific hip-hop producers and sources for classic digs, J-Dilla sampled Q’s “Snow Creatures” for “Milk Money” from his posthumous release Jay Stay Paid.

Here we have a chance to hear Q’s take on the Fender Rhodes Piano.

About The “Down The Rhodes” Webisode Series on

For a total of 10 weeks, will present weekly webisodes of ‘Down The Rhodes’, courtesy of Down The Rhodes: The Fender Rhodes Story. Each new webisode will feature a noted – Fender Rhodes Loving – Crate Worthy  Musician speaking about the historical Fender Rhodes and the influence that it had on their lives and music.

Stay tuned to for an exciting series of ‘Down The Rhodes’ webisodes.

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