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Ramsey Lewis is one of the worlds most famous jazz pianist and composers ever. Having recorded over 80 albums in his long career, Ramsey has been known to tickle the ivory, so to speak, on many a Fender Rhodes electric piano. If I may add he is probably one of the nicest and most humble gentlemen I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet on one cold cold day in Chicago on Michigan Avenue.

Ramsey Lewis’ crate worthiness is deep and noted by the likes of Pete Rock & CL Smooth on tracks like Escape or on tracks like Mr. Nigga by Mos Def and Q-Tip. Perhaps most famously were classics by acts like A Tribe Called Quest on “One Two Sh**” featuring a young Busta Rhymes or the incredible classic “Electric Relaxation.” Oh and it doesn’t end there. The Fugees kept a fresh batch of Ramsey Lewis in their crates too. The evidence is in one of their most memorable joints, “How Many Mics.”

Here in this webisode we get a chance to hear Ramsey speak on Harold Rhodes’ tech savvy while he sprinkles the keys of the rhodes in front of him with gems that even he’d forgotten about.

About The “Down The Rhodes” Webisode Series on

For a total of 10 weeks, will present weekly webisodes of ‘Down The Rhodes’, courtesy of Down The Rhodes: The Fender Rhodes Story. Each new webisode will feature a noted – Fender Rhodes Loving – Crate Worthy  Musician speaking about the historical Fender Rhodes and the influence that it had on their lives and music.

Stay tuned to for an exciting series of ‘Down The Rhodes’ webisodes.

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